Ad-supported Kindle Tops Amazon Bestseller List

Ad-supported Kindle Tops Amazon Bestseller List

Amazon's ad-supported Kindle, which costs US$25 less than the standard version, has apparently been selling like hot cakes. While the company has steadfastly refused to reveal the actual number of units sold, Amazon's own bestseller list has the ad version at the top. It's a sign that given the right incentives, the ad model is viable in consumer electronics. Will we one day see a similar ad-supported PlayStation? How about a smartphone that costs virtually nothing, but with an ad for a screensaver? 

Forbes - Amazon’s ad-supported version of the Kindle, the $114 version of the device that it introduced earlier this year, is at the top of its list of best selling electronics. Never one to get into specifics (when it reported that it sold three times as many Kindle books for the first half of 2010 it as it did in the first half of 2009 it did not provide specific sales numbers, or make comparisons with sales of its paperback books), Amazon let the tech journalists uncover and report this event.

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