Action RPG Game Dungeon Defenders Now Free for Google Android

Action RPG Game Dungeon Defenders Now Free for Google Android

Sometimes, the biggest draw for a smartphone platform comes not from its accompanying hardware, but the apps that it offers. For example, Android users have been enjoying Angry Birds for free, albeit it is packed with ads for the Android version. If you aren't too into tossing birds, and rather smack some monsters, then here's another good news for the Android group - Dungeon Defenders: First Wave, which was previously a paid app, has just been converted into a free app on the Android Market.

Phandroid - The folks at Trendy have just dropped us a note letting us know that their highly popular action RPG Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is now a free game for all to play and enjoy in the Android market. The news comes to us in light of the launch of Google’s native in-app payments system for Android.

The change towards a free app is great, but it does make us wonder if Google's in-app payments system has anything to do with this. If so, you can expect more purchasable items within not just Dungeon Defenders, but any other apps that could take the free route and attract more downloads, while hoping for consumers to purchase items within the apps.

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PS: For Angry Birds fans, take note that the latest installment, Angry Birds Rio, is now available on Android Market. And yes, it's also free.

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