Acer Expects Ultrabook Price Cuts in Q2 2012

Acer Expects Ultrabook Price Cuts in Q2 2012

Acer, one of the top few manufacturer of PCs, expects Ultrabook prices to take a big dip downwards in the second quarter of 2012. Prices provided by Taiwanese IT news portal Digitimes are listed in US dollars. A decline of approximately 20% will occur in Ultrabook prices, reducing them from US$1000 to US$899 or even US$799. Acer's Aspire S3, currently costs S$1548 (Core i7), but it is still not clear how much the prices here in Singapore will fall then, if at all.

According to Acer's president, Jim Wong, 2013 could even see Ultrabook prices fall to US$499, when mass shipment of Ultrabooks gains momentum in 2012. Acer is currently shipping 100,000 Ultrabooks each month, and hopes to reach 250,000 or 300,000 units by the end of 2011. Wong also mentioned that Acer isn't immensely affected by the lack of hard disk drives, with some industry watchers saying that it could be due to hard drive manufacturers giving PC vendors supply priority.

Digitimes' report indicated that Acer could be changing its business strategy, and pointed out that Acer has been clearing its European inventory aggressively. Instead of pushing shipment volume, Acer now wants to focus of product quality, and consumer demand.

This is likely due to the pressure from slipping off its comfortable position of being the world's second largest PC manufacturer to fourth place, behind HP, Lenovo and Dell. Wong, however, was optimistic that Acer will regain its position due to their performance in the China market.

Source: Digitimes

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