Acer Announces New Tablets for 2011

Acer Announces New Tablets for 2011

Add Acer to the list of vendors that will be debuting tablets early next year. Predictably, most of Acer's upcoming tablets will be using Google's Android 3.0, which should be released by then. Acer however has an ambitious lineup of tablets ranging from 4.8-inch that's just slightly larger than a typical smartphone to the 10.1-inch that appears to be a popular form factor. No details yet on price, though Acer will have its own 'app' store and some custom UI touches.

Ars Technica - Acer has decided to join the masses in rolling out a tablet for any and every demographic the company can possibly think of with a line of new 4.8", 7", and 10.1" tablets. The company introduced the products during the Acer global press conference Tuesday, all of which will eventually run Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) when they are released in 2011.

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