AC Ryan Launches New Full HD Media Player

AC Ryan Launches New Full HD Media Player

Rotterdam, Netherlands - July 21st, 2010 - AC Ryan, International IT and CE manufacturer and leading digital lifestyle producer, is expanding the ground breaking Playon! series to include the must have device of the year - the Playon!DVRHD, the ultimate HDD Recorder for your digital lifestyle. A world first - The AC Ryan Playon!DVRHD is the only Full HD media player and recorder that you can access via the internet from anywhere in the world to record your favourite program. The Playon!DVRHD has a single module tuner card with twin tuning capability. The dual Digital TV (DVB-T) tuners allows users to watch and record different channels at the same time

The AC Ryan Playon!DVRHD features all of the superior Playon!HD media player functionality and has been designed in line with the Playon! Series to compliment any home entertainment set up. The Playon!DVRHD has a Media Library function for indexing, Torrents menu, Movie Jukebox (YAMJ), Internet feeds, HFS+ file system support and is based on the new Realtek 1283C+ chipset, capable of supporting 7.1 HD audio.

With the help of an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) users simply select what shows to record or program regular timed recording. Store your digital media collection, playback digital content and record live television programs instantly or with the timer schedule. Users will never miss their favourite program again, they simply access the Playon!DVRHD remotely via the web to set their recording schedule. Stream and play your recorded programs and entire media library, not only in the comfort of your living room but anywhere life may happen to take you, your mobile or notebook.

The Playon!DVRHD allows you to enjoy your media collection wherever you are, simply connect to the Playon!DVRHD via the internet and enjoy your entire media library, including recorded programs. With the optional pre-assembled eco-green, low noise, low power consumption internal 1TB HDD, this is an all in one, record, stream, plug and play unit for the mass market.

As always AC Ryan strives to enhance users' experience and the Playon!DVRHD is a product of the most active firmware development team, regularly releasing firmware updates with new and unique features that make AC Ryan the market leader.

The Playon!DVRHD will be available from the end of July. AC Ryan continues to develop products that are innovative, have superior functionality and respond directly to consumers needs. Our Playon! series integrates and expresses user content in a digital experience like no other. Engage your senses with Playon!

The Playon!DVRHD will cost $299 by itself while a bundle with a 1TB HDD installed will cost $399, only available at Harvey Norman outlets.

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