74% of Enterprise PCs Still Running Win XP

74% of Enterprise PCs Still Running Win XP

Despite the success of Windows 7 in the consumer market - Microsoft recently sold its 150 millionth copy - adoption of Windows 7 in the enterprise market remains painfully slow. In fact, Microsoft recently revealed that nearly three quarters of enterprise PCs are stilling running on Windows XP. Microsoft also revealed that part of the reason why this is so is because companies are holding back on upgrading their PCs.

Tom's Hardware - Microsoft this week revealed that the vast majority of businesses are still running on Microsoft's nine-year-old OS, Windows XP. Speaking yesterday at the Windows Partner Conference, Corporate Vice President of Windows, Tammi Reller, admitted that nearly three quarters (74 percent) of business PCs are still running XP. Reller also revealed that, at 4.4 years, the average age of a business PC is the highest it's ever been.

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