512 CUDA Core GTX 485 To Arrive in Fall?

512 CUDA Core GTX 485 To Arrive in Fall?

If you have read our review of the GeForce GTX 480, you'd know that while the Fermi chip is theoretically capable of supporting 512 CUDA cores, the GeForce GTX 480 only has 480. Many believe that this was done because of yield issues. However, three months on, there are rumors suggesting that NVIDIA is finally going to unleash the full power of Fermi by releasing what could be a "GeForce GTX 485" featuring the full 512 CUDA cores that Fermi promises.

EXPreview - NVIDIA GeForce GTX485 will improve its extra value and power consumption at this point. News comes from NVIDIA chief scientist Bill Dally, exposing that it will launch one graphics named GTX485 in the future.

As expected, the GTX 485 that basing on GF100 Fermi GPU will have 512 CUDA / 64 TMUs/48 ROPs; Core/Shader gets set to720/1440MHz, higher than GTX480; The rest specs remain the same.

Despite the website claiming NVIDIA's Chief Scientist Billy Dally as the source, we urge readers to this take with a pinch of salt and adopt a wait and see approach. To read the original article, click here.

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