512 Core GeForce GTX 480 Reviewed?

512 Core GeForce GTX 480 Reviewed?

Those familiar with Fermi and the GF100 architecture will know that the current GeForce GTX 480 isn't the real deal. The GF100 promises 512 CUDA cores but because of poor yields, NVIDIA kept at 480 instead. Now, a website claims to have gotten hold of an engineering sample of a GeForce GTX 480 that has the full 512 CUDA cores that NVIDIA initially promised.

EXPreview - As we know, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 is not based on a completely functional GF100 graphics processor. Instead, a SM of it has been disabled, and the number of CUDA cores also shrinks to 480. NVIDIA may pursue for better yield rate, power consumption and heat control. But this can never satisfy the hard-core players.

Everyone is looking forward to the full version GTX 480 which uses all the 512 CUDA cores. The PCB design and benchmarks have been unearthed, making itself a focus of speculation.

Expreview has just received a sample of 512SP GTX 480, so let’s find out how it performs against the GTX 480 model that’s already available on the market.

The pictures and numbers look legit enough, but best to take this with a grain of salt. To read the full article, click here.

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