4.0-inch to 4.5-inch Are The Most Preferred Smartphone Screen Sizes

4.0-inch to 4.5-inch Are The Most Preferred Smartphone Screen Sizes


Strategy Analytics conducted a survey study on a number of smartphone users in the U.S and U.K. The study revealed that almost 90% of the respondents would prefer a phone with a bigger display and thin design. 

To be precise, Strategy Analytics found that respondents favored screen sizes between the 4.0-inch to 4.5-inch range. In addition, there is a higher likelihood among female users to choose smaller devices compared to their male counterparts. Current Android users are also more likely to choose larger devices than existing Apple iPhone users. 

Business Wire - "Almost 90 percent of existing smartphone owners surveyed chose a prototype smartphone with a display larger than their current device,” commented Paul Brown, a Director in the Strategy Analytics User Experience Practice. “This trend is driven by increased mobile web browsing capability, as well as engaging video and gaming experiences.”

The findings of the survey do not reveal anything new as Android smartphones sporting displays within the "sweet spot" are increasingly popular among consumers today. The Samsung Galaxy S II is a good example of such a device with its high sales number. Locally, all units of the Galaxy S II were sold out after its first weekend. Globally, it has hit sales of over 20 million, of which five million units were sold in 85 days

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy Note has the largest display ever on a mobile phone at 5.3-inch. Other Android vendors such as HTC and Motorola are catching up with their devices sporting screen sizes between 3.7-inch to 4.7-inch. 

However, the question that remains is this:  can current battery technologies keep up with the trend of increasing display sizes on mobile devices? As screen sizes become bigger, power consumption also will increase. This resulted in phone makers squeezing bigger battery capacities into their devices. Will this trend put pressure on Apple to consider introducing an iPhone with a larger screen size

Source: Strategy Analytics via Business Wire 


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