3M Introduces Natural View Screen Protectors for Apple iPad and Mobile Phones Along with Mobile Privacy Film

3M Mobile Privacy Film Keeps Wandering Eyes at Bay

The smartphone in your hand allows you to do almost everything you use to do on your laptop. You can surf the net, write emails, play games, watch videos, review online bank statements and much more. But the more you do with your smartphone, the more you need to protect sensitive information from prying eyes. In today’s world, your private information isn’t just on your desktop or laptop - it’s with you everywhere you go.

The 3M Mobile Privacy Film uses 3M's advanced micro louver technology, which creates a 30-degree cone of vision so on-screen data is visible only to those directly in front of the display - without blurring or distorting. So you can now text, review email or watch a video on your mobile phone in public with comfort. You no longer need to worry that someone sitting next to you is peeping over your shoulder.

What’s more, 3M Mobile Privacy Film protects your mobile device from the rigors of everyday use too. Also, the matte finish on the film helps reduce that annoying reflection on
the screen for easier reading and also protects the expensive screen.

Product Benefits

- Protects screen content from prying eyes

- Light matte finish to reduce glare and fingerprints on the screen

- Protects mobile phones from scratches and damages

- 3M's residue-free adhesive means your screen protector will comes off clean from the screen during removal

- Compatible with touch screens

- Currently available for the following mobile devices (more models will be added infuture):

          - Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS
          - Blackberry Bold 9000/ 9700
          - Samsung Galaxy S
          - HTC Desire

3M Mobile Privacy Films are widely available at all leading stores, including Apple resellers and Singtel HELLO! shops. Prices range from S$25 to S$35, depending on screen size and phone models. For more information, visit

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