1.2 Billion App Downloads From iOS and Android Users

1.2 Billion App Downloads From iOS and Android Users


The recent festive season, from December 25th through 31st, saw a tremendous boost in more iOS and Android device activations compared to any other week of the year. Here are some quick statistics gathered by Flurry Analytics:

  • Christmas was the largest single device activation day of the year: device activations jumped 353% to 6.8 million along with an equally record-breaking 242 million application downloads
  • Final week of the year: over 20 million iOS and Android devices were activated and a record-breaking 1.2 billion new apps were downloaded
  • U.S. took the lead with 42.3% (509 million) of the downloads

These numbers are an indication of what to expect in 2012 - breaking 1 billion downloads in a week this year will be an easy feat for both operating systems as the number of device activations are clearly increasing rapidly.

Source: Flurry via BGR

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