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HTC Touch HD review

ZoneOut: HTC Touch HD Review

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It has definitely been a bountiful year for both consumers and retailers alike. The buyer, is spoiled for choice with the flood of Windows Mobile devices landing on our shores. The seller, is having a ball of a time when they have new, better gadgets to entice the consumer. Amidst all the gloom and doom with the economic downturn, tech enthusiasts are still on the lookout for fresh new toys to tinker with. Putting itself on the market, is none other than the final HTC Windows Mobile device for the year, the HTC Touch HD.

Just before you plunge into the details, we've recorded our initial impressions on this well endowed (well endowed with the 3.8-inch screen size, that is) on our very first episode of ZoneOut. These ZoneOut videos will be a supplement to our ongoing written articles, where we'll be giving you a video presentation of the latest tech news and reviews that's happening right here in our lab! In the video below, we'll be showcasing our first segment, ZoneWatch. In ZoneWatch, we'll be providing some insights and sneak peeks at the latest tech products and development. And of course, this time round, we're looking at none other than the Touch HD and a summary of some of its main features.

ZoneOut - HTC Touch HD

Perchance you prefer text over visuals, then it's time to move on to our full review in the accompanying pages. So have a quick glance at the Touch HD. Keep that visual imagery in your head, look through its list of specifications, and proceed to the discussion of its design in our next page.