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ZoneOut: Apple iPhone 3GS - Better than Ever

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The S Factor

It's been almost a year since the Apple iPhone 3G hit our shores and if you are like us over at HardwareZone, you should already be a tad tired of your trusty phone sidekick. Little wonder then that we have been keeping our ears firmly to the ground in anticipation of every little bit of information about a new iPhone model that was said to be baking in the ovens of the Cupertino-based company. And despite countless rumors about a completely revamped iPhone design, little did we know that the folks at Apple didn't have any change up their sleeves! Because what was finally revealed at this year's Worldwide Developer's Conference was essentially the same rehashed design of the Apple iPhone 3G and labeled it 3GS - with the S being the acronym for speed.

While the hardware of the new 3GS was nothing to write home about, the phone's software came into spotlight. Announced by Phil Schiller in the event, the new iPhone sports top notch features such as a voice control function, a video recorder and hordes of other exciting lineups. These tantalizing software updates were more than enough to fire up our excitement once again, and the iPhone re-entered every tech-head's must have list for this summer. Already, all thanks to better features and a lower starting price, 1 million handsets flew off the shelves over a matter of days in the States. Want to know what the fuss is about? We give you our concise video overview and what to expect out of the iPhone 3GS:-

Thankfully, we here in Singapore didn't have to wait painstakingly for the phone to hit our shores. Users of the first generation iPhone might remember seeing the phone waltz fashionably late into the local market but this is definitely not the case with the 3GS as the phones have already lined retail shelves here, which is just two weeks after the launch date in the US.

But before you head downtown and whip out your credit card, check out our full review of the iPhone 3GS to see if it is indeed worth your time and money. And is it really true to its name in terms of processing power and speed? Well, we shall solve this mystery (plus much more) in the next few pages.