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XpertVision GeForce 7900GS Sonic review

XpertVision GeForce 7900GS Sonic 256MB

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Palit and XpertVision are two sides of the same coin; two brands belonging to the same company. Whichever brand you may find locally depends on your geographical location and in Singapore at least, XpertVision is the preferred alias. Underneath that decal sticker however, the hardware is the same whatever its name. In fact, the company's series of 'Sonic' graphics cards (used similarly by both Palit and XpertVision) has quickly been associated with exciting performance coupled with startling overclocking potential.

Those who have experienced the previous Sonic editions from Palit/XpertVision should know what to expect. Major changes to the board design and components, extending beyond a mere clock adjustment or a different heatsink, are some of the radical moves implemented by Palit/XpertVision. So far, these unorthodox changes have worked remarkably well. Both Sonic cards that have gone through our labs have emerged admirable alternatives to the NVIDIA reference design and arguably, equal to and perhaps even edges the competition in terms of performance and price.

So it is with great anticipation that we unwrapped the latest Sonic from XpertVision. This time, the GeForce 7900 GS, the stepchild of the GeForce 7900 GT goes through the Sonic makeover. Equipped with a unique and two-slot cooler, the XpertVision GeForce 7900GS Sonic predictably comes overclocked at 500MHz for its core and 1400MHz DDR for its memory. Does it live up to its Sonic namesake?