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XpertVision GeForce 7600GT Sonic review

XpertVision GeForce 7600GT Sonic (GeForce 7600 GT)

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Having seen a couple of NVIDIA's latest mid-range GeForce 7600 GT cards perform in our labs, we have had mostly nice things to say about these new cards, especially its attractive pricing and decent frame rates, factors that more than made up for the perceived deficiencies of the architecture. The ones we have reviewed are reference cards so they should serve as an accurate gauge of the card's performance. But in these cases, only the price and the bundle truly separate them from each other. Hence we had been talking about the same boring GeForce 7600 GT appearing from many vendors and in general, lamenting about the lack of unique offerings.

Well, it seems that our wishes have been granted, as a customized, overclocked version of the GeForce 7600 GT has arrived courtesy of XpertVision. Featuring a completely different PCB design, a changed cooler and extra memory heatsinks, the XpertVision GeForce 7600GT Sonic looks ready for some serious overclocking. That's besides its mild overclock out of the box. Before we see what it's capable of, here's a glimpse of the card and its technical specifications: