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Xigmatek BattleAxe VGA Cooler VD964 review

Xigmatek BattleAxe VGA Cooler VD964

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Temperature Testing and Conclusion

The Test

We put the Xigmatek to the test on a 8800 GTS card that we had lying around, the MSI NX8800GTS. The card checks in at a regular clock speeds of 513/1584MHz DDR with no overclocking and besides the BattleAxe, we used the included heatsinks for the memory chips. As usual, for our temperature tests, we'll be looping it through 3DMark06 and waiting for the temperatures to rise.

Since the MSI NX8800GTS originally came with a two-slot reference cooler which already gave very good results, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that the BattleAxe worked even better than the default one with a marked difference of about 5 degrees Celsius for both the core and rear of the GPU while the memory heatsinks reduced temperatures of the RAM chips by around 18 degrees Celsius. Noise too was minimal, a barely noticeable hum that's immediately forgettable. Goes to show you don't really need a jet-powered fan to keep your stuff cool...


As expected, the thermal performance for the Xigmatek BattleAxe was decent and you can expect to get more out of your cards with this weapon of choice cooling your GPU. The HDT technology definitely works as advertised, and it really makes a lot of sense when you think about it. After all, your heatpipes have to conduct the heat away from the heatsink plate, so why not make it much more efficient and get it to conduct the heat away directly?

Going for a reasonable price of S$69, the BattleAxe lives up to this hype and gives you even more room to work with if you're an overclocker. Since it's also compatible with the newer ATI Radeon cards, the BattleAxe makes a great logical choice to cool down the hot HD4850s and HD4870s. That said, if you're using NVIDIA cards, you won't be able to use it for the newer GTX 200 series of cards and of course, the large size of the cooler is not for every situation. Together, that takes away some of its gloss, which is why we're not recommending it for everyone.