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Xigmatek BattleAxe VGA Cooler VD964 review

Xigmatek BattleAxe VGA Cooler VD964

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As graphic cards get faster and faster, it's no surprise to find their thermal output getting higher and higher even at stock settings. Of course, the safety limit tends to be quite high, but face it, heat has always been a issue even for the least fussy of computer users. This is of course due to having more and more transistors being crammed onto the smaller die of newer graphic cards, but well, you do want more performance don't you?

Some manufacturers include special third party coolers for their cards, but more often than not, most just go with stock coolers to save on cost (or to keep the price down for consumers). Of course, there's no stopping someone from installing their own third party cooler and we'll be taking a look at one such third party VGA cooler from Xigmatek, the BattleAxe VD964.

If you're wondering, Xigmatek's a relatively new company, founded only in 2005, and mostly churns out CPU coolers using their Heatpipe Direct Touch technology. As such, the BattleAxe is currently their only VGA cooler amongst the sea of CPU coolers offerings from the manufacturer. We'll talk more about its design and technology over at the next page, but first up, the specifications:-

Dimensions 194 x 110 x 32.4mm
Weight 617g (with fan)
Materials Base Heatpipe Direct Touch (HDT)
Heat pipe Pure Copper
Fin Aluminum Alloy
Fan Size 92 x 92mm
Fan Speed 2,200rpm (± 20%)
Acoustic Noise 20 ~ 28dBA (± 10%)
Bearing Type Hypro Bearing
Voltage Rating 12V
Life Expectance 40,000 Hours
Max. Airflow Rate 40.2CFM
Fan Connector 3-pin fan power connector
Thermal Resistance 0.20°C/W
Compatability NVIDIA GeForce 9800 / 9600 /8800 / 7900 / 7800 / Quadro 1400/1500/3400/3450/3500/4500/4500 SDI/4600/5500/5600
ATI Radeon X1950 / X1900 / X1800 / HD3850 / HD3870 / HD4850 / HD4870