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Shuttle SX58H7 review

X58 in a Pocket - Shuttle SX58H7

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Shuttle Style

Shuttle Style

The Shuttle X58 is no bigger than its other siblings and is about the size of a compact oven. It's decked entirely in black and it looks stylishly understated. There's nothing to indicate that it is in fact Shuttle's top-of-the-line SFF. Perhaps the only thing that gives away its credentials is the additional LEDs on the front panel to indicate WiFi and Bluetooth activity.

The casing has a high-gloss black finish, which is nice to look at, but at the same time it is somewhat of a fingerprint magnet. The front panel, fortunately, was of a different material. The plastic front was still glossy, but happily, leaves behind no visible fingerprint marks.

Around the back, the ports are all neatly placed, labeled and accessible. There's also a handy Clear CMOS button, located at the bottom right corner. It's small enough such that you won't hit it by accident, but large enough so that you can reach it if need be.

There are also vents for the system's two fans, the larger one is for the I.C.E. (Integrated Cooling Engine) module that cools the processor, and a smaller one for the PSU. The larger fan for the I.C.E., we must note, is incredibly loud during operation. A quick check with the BIOS indicated that it was spinning near its maximum of 4000rpm, and no matter what we did, we couldn't bring it down.