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Shuttle SX58H7 review

X58 in a Pocket - Shuttle SX58H7

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Shuttle has long been the dominant force in the small form factor (SFF) market, and has been popular amongst HTPC enthusiasts for its compact and stylish designs. Also, the vendor has consistently pushed out new products that closely mirror developments in the chipset and processor markets. And so it was always going to be a matter of when, and not if, Shuttle will turn its attention to Intel's latest X58 chipset and Core i7 processor.

Well, it's finally here - the Shuttle SX587H. It is currently the highest-end Shuttle SFF and is the only SFF from Shuttle to make use of Intel's X58 chipset. The X58 chipset, if you don't already know, is Intel's latest and was designed for the new Core i7 processors. You can find out more about the Core i7 and the X58 chipset from our earlier reviews here and here .

Back to the Shuttle SX587H and its impressive specifications. Shuttle has clearly done its utmost to provide users with a fully featured Core i7 system in a compact design. The chassis itself is similarly sized to Shuttle's older models, but as the table below shows, it has nearly everything any user would need. Of course, don't expect the ridiculous like five 3.5-inch drive bays, or space for a Palit Revolution 700 Deluxe graphics card. Here are the technical specifications of the Shuttle X58.