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WD TV Live Hub review

WD TV Live Hub - A Star Hub

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Slick and easy user interface
Customizable UI
Preloaded with widgets and internet services
Lack of support for RMVB and FLV
Difficult to change pre-installed HDD
No WiFi connectivity


Live Viewing

Many media players in the market tend to sport uninspired designs. The Live Hub is no different. Though it's nothing special to look at, the Live Hub is an obvious improvement from Western Digital's earlier offerings. For example, the squat and stout WD TV Live Plus has got nothing on the Live Hub's slim and sleek profile. The Live Hub is dressed in black plastic with glossy black sides and a matte finish top. It may look boring, but the good news is it doesn’t feel cheap. The matte top finish gives it character while helping it stand out from the glossy, cheap plastic build of some of its competitors.

The front panel of the player is devoid of any other buttons except the power button which occupies the bottom left corner. There is also a USB port placed on the other end, at the bottom right corner. Once you power up the player, a WD logo will light up in white, right in the middle of the front panel, which also serves as a reminder for people who tend to leave their gadgets switched on after they are done with them. This logo light can be disabled in the settings if required, which is useful for those watching a movie in a dark room and wouldn't want any other light sources to distract their attention.

As with most A/V products, the ports and jacks are all located at the rear of the player. There’s a lone HDMI 1.4 jack, an S/PDIF jack and another USB port in addition to the one in the front of the player. There is an Ethernet port supporting Gigabit connections and for those who are still depending on analog connections, there are composite and component output jacks too. What surprised us was the player did not come with any cables, not even the relatively inexpensive composite cables.

Apart from the media player, it comes bundled with a shapely remote that provides a nice grip to it. The buttons on the remote are very straightforward and you'll have no difficulty understanding their functions. While it's a bit on the plump side, the remote gets the job done.