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WD TV Live Hub review

WD TV Live Hub - A Star Hub

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Slick and easy user interface
Customizable UI
Preloaded with widgets and internet services
Lack of support for RMVB and FLV
Difficult to change pre-installed HDD
No WiFi connectivity


Your Personal Media in One Hub

Personal media players give you the flexibility to play all your digital media on any screen. It is very appealing for those of us who have built up a collection of videos, images and music on our computer(s) or external hard drives. Media players have gone through quite an evolution within the past few years. Once expensive with limited format support, most models now run the whole gamut of media formats and come with many additional features, such as being able to access the internet and play HD content. With internet support, many new models also boast of instant firmware updates from their respective manufacturers, thus easily extending format compatibility support as and when new requirements and needs arise.

Western Digital is a company well-known for their hard disks and more recently even their media players. Their latest iteration for a top of the line media player is the WD TV Live Hub, which is an evolution of their earlier media players, both in terms of features, appearance as well as performance. 

On paper the WD TV Live Hub looks to be a competent player; with the ability to play a host of media CODECs in full, glorious high definition resolution we come to expect. But we know that there are many other aspects of the player such as the user interface (UI), that will determine whether the player is more than just a big, black paperweight in your living room. Read on as we further assess it to meet our high expectations.