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ViewSonic VX2235wm-5 LCD Monitor review

ViewSonic VX2235wm-5 (22-inch, 2ms LCD Monitor)

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Same Old, Same Old

Same Old, Same Old

Even though the specs of the monitor has definitely been upgraded, we're still looking at the same design, regardless of the monitor size. Case in point, the VX2835wm 28-inch may be one really big monitor that came into retail late last year, but it still looks the same as its 19-inch cousin, the VX1932wm, which was one of the earlier models to sport this design. We do wish however, and as noted by our good buddies at HWM, that it's about time Viewsonic did away with the dual-color bezel. Otherwise the VX2235wm is a nicely designed monitor with cable management and speakers for those looking to save space by doing away with stand alone speakers for basic audio needs.