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Microsoft Zune HD review

Tuning in to the Microsoft Zune HD

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Je Ne Sais Quoi

Je Ne Sais Quoi

The Zune HD does not try to imitate any other PMP in the market. It has that certain je ne sais quoi (an intangible quality that makes something attractive in French) about it. We don't know if we are mesmerized by the sleek and angular design of the Zune HD or the fact that it looks almost completely different from the iPod touch.

But whatever the Zune HD has, we definitely want more. Despite weighing in at just 74 grams, the Zune HD does not feel flimsy in our hands. Instead, it's very solidly built and feels hardy enough to withstand daily use. On top of that, due to its compact size, it's easy to control and navigate with the Zune HD with only one hand. More so because it has very minimal control buttons on the unit it mostly functional via its touchscreen.

Like most if not all touchscreen devices, the display of the Zune HD takes up most of the real estate on the device. A 3.3-inch multi-touch OLED display sits above the home button, similar to that of the iPod touch's main button. Watching videos and images on the OLED screen was pleasurable to say the least as the colors and the clarity of the media files literally just popped out of the screen. We aren't kidding - you'll have to try to believe it.

While we are on the subject of the screen, note that you will have no problems sharing your video with your mates as the viewing angles are great whichever way you twist and angle the unit. Of course, if you are watching something private, take precaution that it would appear quite visibly to the person next to you. If you're thinking how it would handle under harsh sunlight, that would be tricky as the screen is reflective.