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Where Art Thou, Zune?

Where Art Thou, Zune?

While Apple's iPod is ubiquitous, music fans always have their ears to the ground (and to their earphones) and are aware of the many other alternative portable media players (PMPs). One of the more recent and notable PMP devices to hit this space is from the other mighty OS vendor, Microsoft. Yes - it's the Zune HD and we've got our hands on this slim device from overseas that promises to supersede Apple from the technology perspective. Not convinced yet? Well, that's where we come in prove it to you. Here's our video review to check out the Zune HD in action and following that is our detailed analysis over the next few pages:-

Microsoft's first attempt at cracking the PMP space was the original Zune that made its appearance back in 2006. It featured a circular navigation pad and sold very well, making it the second most sold PMP behind the iPod. Bear in mind though this stat is true only for the US since the Zune wasn't available in many other parts of the world. Even so, this proves that the Zune was able to give Apple a run for their buck.

Fast forward to September 2009 and we have the latest incarnation from Microsoft, the Zune HD. It is the company's first Zune product to feature a capacitive touch screen as well as one of the first consumer products to bear the NVIDIA Tegra processor within. The Zune HD's availability is still limited even in the US. So here's a thought - what if it was eventually released worldwide? Would you (a) toss away your iPod and purchase the Zune HD? (b) Yawn and say so what? Or (c) Wished you went to the last PlayTest event to personally check it out?

Whichever the option, we hope after this review, you would have a better idea of Zune HD's capabilities and whether the sleek new entry meets your needs as a top-notch media player.