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Toshiba Satellite P755-1001X review

Toshiba Satellite P755-1001X – A Multimedia Workhorse

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Overall rating 8/10
Fingerprint repellent
Backlit keyboard and trackpad
Decent performance
Plastic construction
Poor battery life

Fingerprint Repellent

Fingerprint Repellent

In line with the rest of Toshiba’s lineup, the Satellite P755 features a raised striated line design over its exterior. It's an interesting look, somewhat reminiscent of wood grain. One thing it does really well is keep fingerprints off - in fact, it's 100% fingerprint proof. The finish on this model is called Premier Metallic Black, but don’t be fooled, ‘Metallic’ or not, the entire notebook is plastic construction. On the plus side, the black finish actually looks much better than the grey/red combo we saw on the Qosmio X770. Then again, everything generally looks better in black.

The striated lines pattern continues inside, over the wrist rest and track pad. Users who prefer a textured feel for the track pad will enjoy using the P755, and we also found that the straight lines design was a handy guide for applications where you want to draw or select something (if you've ever tried drawing a straight line in Microsoft Paint with a mouse, you'll know what we mean). 

While the chiclet keyboard won’t win any prizes for style (Toshiba has opted for the most utilitarian of keyboard shapes: the square) the keys themselves are functionally designed, with a bright backlight and ample space between each key. Both the number pad and directional keys are also full-sized, with lots of space between them. Typing experience is average, but neither is it bad. The key travel distance on the flat keys left us wanting a bit more (though your preferences might vary) while other gripes might be the short space bar and the small arrow keys set.

Above the keyboard you’ll find a simple strip of lighted media controls. Wireless settings can also be turned on and off from this panel.

Speakers for audio are found at the top right and left corners of the keyboard. The speaker design isn’t integrated into the machine like on many other notebooks, instead sitting in a cut out, flush with the unit.