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Titan Robela TWC-A88 Water-Cooled Casing review

Titan Robela TWC-A88 Water-Cooled Casing

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The first thing to strike us when the Titan Robela arrived in our labs was the size of the package. It was wider than most mid-tower casings that we have seen. Opening the large and heavy package, we found the Titan Robela casing buried under layers of protective styrofoam. This was why the package was larger than usual. Given that this is no ordinary casing, it is vital that is arrives in perfect condition to ensure everything works flawlessly and we are glad that Titan has done an excellent job on their part.

Unlike the svelte anime-influenced female character artwork featured on the box packaging, the Titan Robela is more titanic than slim. Surprised at the weight, we checked the box and discovered that the empty casing is already a considerable 18kg. Once you throw in your various devices and components, expect 25kg as a minimum so going for LAN parties to show off your rig is probably out of the question. At least the Robela has a decent and strong set of carry handles at the top for handling the heavy beast. Although there is another set of these handles at the right side panel, their role is to facilitate easy removal of the side cover; hence Titan strongly warns users to use the handles situated at the top for moving or handling the entire case.

The culprit for the weight lies with the steel construction of the Titan Robela. In a throwback to a previous era, the Titan Robela is almost completely made from solid steel. Only the front door has elements of the popular material nowadays � aluminum. Coupled with the built-in radiators required for a water-cooled case and you have a backbreaker of a casing.

Of course, looking at it, one couldn't tell how heavy the Robela actually is, as the design looks modern enough, albeit in a rather conservative and somber style. This is especially so with the black version that we got. The front bezel has a multi-function blue LED panel that is essentially a status indicator showing important information like the CPU temperature, various fan speeds, system noise level, water level and pump status. At the top, beneath a popup cover are the usual connectivity ports, like USB2.0 and FireWire. An air vent there provides ventilation in concert with an optional fan.