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Titan Robela TWC-A88 Water-Cooled Casing review

Titan Robela TWC-A88 Water-Cooled Casing

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Mention water-cooling and computers in the same breath to any random group of people and you are likely to find nods of recognition among some of them. Formerly the domain of hardware enthusiasts and overclockers, water-cooling is no longer the exclusive playground of the technically inclined. There has been a proliferation of water-cooling kits in the market, with quite a number of new vendors and products that focuses on user-friendliness and ease of installation. We have even seen a NEC and in case you are unaware, NEC is not the first - Mac users can proudly point to the Power Mac G5 as a notable precedent of a water-cooled system from a big-name vendor.

Hence, we can see that water-cooling is slowly entering the consciousness of the mainstream public. Important considerations like noise and heat emissions (Prescott anyone?) have prompted this trend. Of course, enthusiasts may have their own performance-oriented reasons, like squeezing that last MHz of overclocking from their systems. To further bring water-cooling down the road towards mass adoption, Taiwanese cooling specialist Titan has merged separate water-cooling kits for the CPU and GPU within its first water-cooled casing, the Titan Robela WaterCase.

We should probably mention that water-cooled casings have been in the market for a while. Koolance is one company that prepares water-cooled systems by outfitting aluminum casings from Lian-Li with radiators, pumps, fans and status LEDs. However, end-users still need to purchase the actual GPU/CPU water-cooling kits from the company, as these do not come pre-installed. To a newcomer confronted with this scenario, choosing the right components could be a daunting task. Here is where the Titan Robela differs, as you get the full works: all the components needed to build a water-cooled system are already pre-installed or found with the casing. The goal is obviously to simplify the installation process for a water-cooled system with a uniform design where every component has been tested and certified to work with each other.

The Titan Robela we received was clad all in black, though Titan has a few other models in silver or a blend of both colors. They should all look quite similar to the one below, with slight variant of design. You can also expect identical specifications as we've compiled below: