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Creative Inspire S2 2.1 Speakers review

Tiny Inspiration - Creative Inspire S2 2.1 Speakers

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Inspired Smallness

Inspired Smallness

With the advent of decent onboard audio, Creative's Sound Blaster sound cards may not enjoy the same popularity as they did in the past, but the company is still very much in the audio business. Apart from its Zen series of portable media players, Creative can also count speakers, headphones and professional audio interfaces in its stable of audio products.

Creative's selection of speaker systems remains one of the largest in the market and while their new GigaWorks series represents the cream of the crop, budget and mainstream users can look forward to great deals from its more affordable Inspire and i-Trigue series of speaker systems.

Today, we take a look at Creative's newest addition to the Inspire line - the Inspire S2. The S2 arrives as the new flagship 2.1 speaker system in the Inspire line-up and it has been positioned by Creative as an ideal companion for notebook PCs and MP3 players due to its small size. We check it out to see if it delivers on those claims, but first, its technical specifications.