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Thermaltake SwordM VD5000BNA Casing review

Thermaltake SwordM VD5000BNA Casing

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Among the list of pilgrimages for IT enthusiasts, the annual ICT trade show in Taipei, Computex is probably high on the must-see list. With a record number of exhibitors, this is the place to be seen for manufacturers hoping to raise their profile and strike new deals with the many industry players thronging the crowds. Not surprisingly, all the vendors were at pains to jazz up their booths and some of the more extravagant ones that we saw include Thermaltake's brightly led booth, dominated by a host of glowing LED cooling fans and chassis.

One of the highlights was Thermaltake's new 'super tower', a giant, all-aluminum chassis dubbed the SwordM. What we saw of this behemoth from amidst the crowd were dazzling green LED lights and some form of hydraulic mechanism that elevated the top and side of the chassis. Inside, the components were eerily illuminated green from the bright LED lights, with Thermaltake claiming that this limited edition chassis has been put together by hand, though of course the parts were molded and measured by machines.

This handcrafted chassis has finally made its way to our labs in the form of a large shipping box that's probably the largest we ever received, short of a giant plasma or LCD television. With a net weight of around 16kg, this chassis even comes with wheels so that you can push it around, rather than risk a hernia by lifting it. What other surprises lurk beneath its aluminum exterior? Before we continue, here are the specifications, which as you can see, are a bit larger than usual.