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Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler review

Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler - A Stealthy Proposal

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Overall rating 8/10
Quiet CPU cooler
Variable controls for fan speed
Average cooling performance
Fan controls could be consolidated

Performance & Conclusion


We tested the Jing on our cooler test system, which included an Intel Core i7-965 processor on a Gigabyte X58 motherboard. SPECviewperf 10 (four threads) and Prime95 (eight concurrent threads) were used for around 30 minutes each to derive the maximum temperature. Temperatures were recorded using Core Temp 0.99. The ambient, air-conditioned temperature in our lab is about 22 degrees Celsius. Our chassis is the Lian Li PC-P50R with three system fans running (top, bottom front and exhaust).

Frankly, with dual 120mm fans, we were expecting better performance than the results the Jing eventually produced. Firstly, the CPU temperatures were almost identical between the Low (800RPM) and the High (1300RPM); perhaps Thermaltake should have gone for a wider range of fan speeds. The Jing was slightly worse off than the Evercool Transformer 4, which has a similar dual fan setup. In comparison, the Cooler Master V6GT was significantly better than the Thermaltake and the Evercool in cooling the CPU.

One reason could be the relatively slow speed of the Jing, which tops out at 1300RPM compared to the 2200RPM on the Cooler Master. It does mean that the Jing does live up to its name and we couldn't really hear its fan over the drone of our other system fans. On the other hand, those intending to overclock their processors should perhaps consider another cooler with the option to crank up the fan speed.


The Thermaltake Jing does an adequate job for cooling your processor. It may not be the powerhouse cooler that overclockers require, but the silent operation earns it top marks from us. The US$49 price tag is reasonable for its versatility and relatively straightforward installation and barring the two separate fan controls that we disliked, it's easy to forget its presence entirely. So if your priority is to eliminate noise from your stock CPU cooler, the Jing has you covered.