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Thermaltake Armor+ VH6000 review

Thermaltake Armor+ VH6000

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The Exterior

At First Glance

The first thing that caught our eye as we started tinkering with the casing was the fact that this chassis is a fingerprint magnet. It's pretty much a no-brainer with the glossy plastic top of the casing and Thermaltake has at least acknowledged the fact and provided a cleaning cloth together with the manual. The top also has a small storage compartment for your tools and accessories, which we felt was a nice touch.

The front 'doors', if we could call the twin wedges of metal at the two sides of the front bezel, don't really have any practical use besides looking attractive and rounding off the curvy look of the casing. They are secured with magnets and strong enough that they won't easily open and may even inadvertently hinder your optical drives. The front drive bays fit up to seven 5.25-inch drive bays including a 3.5-inch drive bay that can be converted using the kit provided. Another kit also converts one of the 5.25-inch bays to a storage drawer.