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Thermaltake Armor+ VH6000 review

Thermaltake Armor+ VH6000

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The Juggernaut Hath Cometh

The Juggernaut Hath Cometh

DIY enthusiasts were probably jumping for joy when Thermaltake announced the Armor+ series. Claiming to be the most powerful casing and "born to feed the beasts", (their words, not ours) the Armor+ seems like a juggernaut of a casing that should live up to its hype. At the very least, it's as huge as it claims.

Having heard the marketing speak, we will be taking a good look into the features and design of the casing for ourselves. Previous Armor designs were gamer-centric and the Armor+ VH-6000 is no different. In fact, Thermaltake is gunning for the gaming community and has managed to get the Armor+ designated as the official casing for the World Cyber Games (WCG). The Armor+ comes in two versions: one with embedded water cooling and one without and we will be reviewing the latter today.

In terms of its build quality, the VH-6000 feels solid, weighing in at 16.8kg, so it's not as heavy as say, the Antec P190 we reviewed recently. This is probably because unlike the P190, the Armor+ doesn't come with two heavy PSUs, or any at all. Appearance-wise the VH-6000 is pleasing to the eye with its curves and definitely lives up to its militaristic theme with a frontal armored look. When powered up, the blue LED glow of the casing also stands out, though it can be slightly tacky. Gamers will also appreciate the transparent side panel - the better to admire their expensive graphics cards - and there are also two system fans which are the source of the LED glow.