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Sony VAIO VGN-Z17GN review

Sony VAIO Z Series - VGNZ17GN Explored

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Some of you guys may remember it was only just last month when we spotted the Sony VAIO VGN-Z17GN at Sony's VAIO launch. Back then we couldn't stop drooling over this beauty, and now that it has finally made its way to our labs, we're glad to report that reality didn't disappoint (well, our initial impressions at least). Sony has rarely disappointed us with their famous VAIO series, especially the high-end models, but it's always good to know that the same high standards have been maintained.

We've also mentioned during our coverage of the launch that the VAIO acronym has changed from the original Video-Audio Integrated Operation to the newer Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer, which is Sony's way of hinting to consumers that they want you to use their products as part of your everyday life via their provided software. Of course, it's not like Sony hasn't had its fair share of bricks thrown its way with their bundled software, but at least the VAIO-Z17GN unit that we got didn't feel overly bloated at all.

You'll find that the VAIO Z series takes the look and feel of the previous Sony VAIO TZ model and sports a similar cylindrical spine and isolated keyboard design (which has also made its way to the newer SR and FW models). We'll take a more in-depth look in the next few pages, so for now, you'll just have to make do with these pictures of the exterior and its specifications.