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Sony SRS-GD50iP 2.1 PC Speaker System with iPod Dock Function review

Sony SRS-GD50iP 2.1 PC Speaker System - Have Dock, Will Travel

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Integrated iPod/iPhone Dock
Above average audio performance
Dull, uninspired looks
Wires easily clutter up desks

The Sony SRS-GD50iP PC Speaker System

The Sony SRS-GD50iP PC Speaker System

Sony is adamant that the SRS-GD50iP isn't just any ordinary dock for the iPod or iPhone. Instead, the SRS-GD50iP is, first and foremost, a proper 2.1 PC speaker system. So like any other 2.1 speaker system, the SRS-GD50iP has two satellite speakers complemented by a subwoofer unit. However, this PC speaker system is unusual in that it also has a dock for your Apple device.

It's no surprise that the integrated iPod dock is easily the most distinguishing feature of the SRS-GD50iP. Crucially, the dock is compatible with all iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone devices. It even worked with our 6 year-old fourth-generation iPod. Plugging an Apple device into the dock immediately begins charging it, and if you want the speakers to play from the device, simply press the large “Input" button to alternate between audio sources - there are PC, iPod and Line-in options. You can also sync your Apple device with your PC simply by flicking the “Sync” switch. The device won't sync if the “Sync” switch is not activated.

All in all, the dock works well, and we have no complaints about it. In particular, we thought that the inclusion of the "Sync" switch is a nice touch, as it prevents people from accidentally syncing their Apple devices.