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Sony RDP-XF100iP iPod/iPhone Dock review

Sony RDP-XF100iP iPod Speaker - Portable Songstress

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Overall rating 8/10
Very portable
Easy to use, competent remote control
Good clarity
Light sounding
Subdued bass response

Portable Songstress

Portable Songstress

iPod/iPhones docking systems are becoming increasingly popular thanks to Apple’s continued dominance in the portable media player and smartphone market. With close to 300 million iPod and iPhone devices sold worldwide, it’s little wonder that just about every major consumer electronics brand have their own line-up of iPod/iPhone docking systems.

And the latest iPod/iPhone docking system to reach our labs is the Sony RDP-XF100iP. Positioned as a premium docking device by Sony for both iPods and iPhones, the RDP-XF100iP stands out because of its portability. Apart from being slim and compact, the RDP-XF100iP comes with a removable lithium-ion battery which lets it play tunes without the need for a power source for up to seven hours (manufacturer’s claim).

This makes it ideal for a variety of situations. We can think of picnics in the park, BBQs by the beach, or even the occasional car wash, where the portability of the RDP-XF100iP will come in handy, and we leave it to your imagination to think up other places where it’ll come in useful.

Since the RDP-XF100iP prides itself on its portability and so it is little surprise that it comes in a slim and compact form factor and weighs a relatively light 1.9kg. But before we delve further, here’s a quick look at the RDP-XF100iP iPod/iPhone speaker.