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Sony BDU-X10S Internal Blu-ray Drive review

Sony BDU-X10S Internal Blu-ray Drive

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Blu-ray Benchmarks

Blu-ray Benchmarks

Since this is just a BD-ROM drive, we decided to test it using Nero DVD Speed with a commercially pressed Blu-ray disc. We then compared it against two other recent Blu-ray capable drives from two competitors, ASUS and LG.

In terms of drive speed, the Sony BDU-X10S performed exactly like its specifications, starting off at almost 2x speed and maintaining that throughout the test. This result was on par with the ASUS drive, which was only capable of reading BD-ROM but not writing. The LG Blu-ray writer however turned out to be fastest, with up to 6x maximum and with its writing feature, is probably the most complete (and most expensive) of the three here.

The Sony also fared decently when it came to the other test segments. CPU usage was remarkably low when playing Blu-ray media while its seek times were also competitive with the other drives. What was important was that this Sony drive did not really stand out and given that its bread and butter rests solely on its Blu-ray playback performance, we'll have to say Sony has got its work cut out for it. When one considers the slower DVD and CD read speeds listed on the specifications of the BDU-X10S, this drive certainly is at a disadvantage.