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Cooler Master Storm Sniper review

Sniper Alert - Cooler Master Storm Sniper

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Rugged Exterior

Rugged Exterior

The CM Storm Sniper probably won't win any awards for ground-breaking or eye-catching design, but it does look imposing. The front panel, located at the top, looks particularly nice and the only downside to this design is that the front I/O panel lacks a cover. To facilitate carrying, the top of Cooler Master Storm Sniper has two convenient handles for users to hold on to. While it's not stated anywhere that these are actually designed as handles for the casing as it's built in to the top design of the case to function as extra air intakes, it was sturdy and well built enough to take on the casing's weight.

Speaking of build, the materials used for the Cooler Master Storm Sniper are mainly SECC steel and ABS plastic. Fortunately, the plastics used here are of rather decent quality and does not feel cheap and hollow. And if we had our way, we would rather much take aluminum over SECC steel. While you certainly can't tell merely by looking at it, SECC steel does not feel as cold to touch as aluminum and is not as good a conductor of heat. Furthermore, aluminum is significantly lighter, though it would cost much more too.