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Cooler Master Storm Sniper review

Sniper Alert - Cooler Master Storm Sniper

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Sniper Alert!

Sniper Alert!

If you don't already know, the new Storm brand at Cooler Master is the vendor's attempt at targeting the gaming community with a specialized range of products. You could say it is to Cooler Master what AMG and Nismo are to Mercedes-Benz and Nissan. To ensure that its products are truly for gamers, they were co-developed with the input of hardware enthusiasts and gaming experts, with Cooler Master roping in well-known cybersports teams like Fnatic. The results, then, are hopefully casings that not only look good, but are also functional and designed for the gamers. With that said, we'll be taking a look at one of the first fruits of this series, the CM Storm Sniper.

Our first impression of the Sniper casing is that it certainly looks like it's up to the task. Cooler Master says the design was inspired by the military and we can certainly see why. Words like rugged, functional, no-nonsense, sprung to mind the moment we laid eyes on this casing.