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SilverStone Sugo SG05 review

SilverStone Sugo SG05 (Mini-ITX Chassis)

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The SilverStone Sugo SG05

The SilverStone Sugo SG05

Weighing slightly over 3kg when empty, the Sugo SG05 is a simple, boxy design that has quite the emphasis on case ventilation. One of the things we noticed is the abundance of ventilation holes, dotting the sides, top and of course fronting the chassis itself is a rather large 120mm front intake fan. Rated at 1200RPM, it should be quiet enough to stay inconspicuous.

Speaking of which, the front bezel is more about functionality rather than aesthetics. Obviously the presence of the 120mm fan is a rather big deterrent for those hoping to instill the SG05 with some creative flair. Nevertheless, with all the expected I/O and LED indicators at the front panel, we have no complaints about this chassis.

We did find it rather difficult to remove the plastic front panel from the chassis, as they were held by rather stiff plastic clips. Behind the front panel, the 120mm fan comes with its own filter that can be removed for cleaning.

The Sugo SG05 supports up to two expansion slots. From the rear, the design reminded us of Shuttle's small form factor PCs, with the power supply (PSU) located in the middle and which usually also comes with two expansion slots.

The SFX PSU is itself rated at 300W and is 80 PLUS certified. Manufactured by FSP, it's significantly smaller than the usual ATX PSU and is ideal for such a small chassis. While the power rating may not seem like much, the high efficiency should make up for it, with a 16A output from one of its 12V+ rails. There's no PCIe 6-pin power connector however, so you'll need a Molex converter, which contributes to the 'volume' of cable in this chassis.

Removing the chassis cover, there certainly doesn't appear to be much space in the SG05, with the numerous power cables looking like a potential nightmare when it comes to cable management.