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Shuttle XPC X200 review

Shuttle XPC X200

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When Shuttle first introduced its console-inspired ultra small form factor HTPC, the XPC X100 last year, we were not wholly convinced of its value, believing that it was an extremely niche product that will struggle against mainstream options like the Apple Mac Mini. Six months down the road, we have all but forgotten the X100 until Shuttle reminded us with a new, revised model, the XPC X200. (Since we're going to be referring to the X100 for time to time for comparison, it could be helpful to know more about it by going through our review of the Shuttle XPC X100 ).

The retro-looking 'console' exterior shell has been retained so the X200 looks identical to the X100. Shuttle has tweaked the internal hardware components for the newer version, adding extra functionality in the form of a hybrid TV and FM tuner. To complement its enhanced media center features, there is now also a built-in infrared receiver and remote control. The other major change has been the choice of an onboard Intel GMA950 graphics accelerator instead of keeping with the faster ATI Mobility X1400 graphics chipset in the X100. How would these changes affect our impression towards this burgeoning series of PCs? Before we pass judgement, here's looking at the virtually unchanged exterior of the Shuttle XPC X200 and its much revamped specifications: