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Shuttle XPC ST20G5 review

Shuttle XPC ST20G5 (Socket-939)

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ST20G5 Exterior

ST20G5 Exterior

We predict that the silver version of Shuttle's popular G5 chassis found in the ST20G5 will be much welcomed by SFF enthusiasts as it adds a classic and elegant touch to an already refined design. The 5th iteration of the series, the G5 looks perfect here with its brushed silver aluminum and plastic enclosure. As with most of Shuttle's newer chassis, the drive bays found in the ST20G5 - a 5.25-inch and up to two 3.5-inch - are concealed behind its classy exterior. The slightly rounded row of indicator lights and power/reset buttons form the centerpiece of the chassis and breaks the rectangular monotony of the drive bays. Together with the hidden front I/O panel, the ST20G5 presents a minimalist front facade that just looks fabulous.