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Shuttle X50 AIO All-in-One review

The Shuttle X50 AIO - Dual-Core Atom Goodness

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Exterior Musings

Exterior Musings

Shuttle's 15.6-inch AIO nettop is a well designed machine, and you can tell right from the start that it's meant to be a machine that you can easily carry around. You can then flip the handle around and use it as a stand to prop the machine up. Once propped up properly though, you'll soon find that the X50 is a sleek machine that just begs to be touched. It's white glossy surface also does a good job of hiding fingerprints, so we've no complaints there.

Connectivity wise, the unit boasts of five USB ports that should get you plugged in comfortably and you'll also find the standard webcam and microphone on the top of the unit. A stylus is also included for those reluctant to use their fingers (or require more precision) though we're slightly surprised that Shuttle didn't bother to include any touch-centric user interface
(UI) with the X50, which means you'll be stuck interacting with the basic Windows XP interface.

That however, is far as you can go with it sadly, as the AIO machine does not feature multi-touch support. The Shuttle X50 also doesn't come with a keyboard or mouse, so you'll have to either scrounge both up yourself, or start getting used to the virtual keyboard and touch settings. Audio quality was fine, with volume at a decent level. If you're a fan of bright glowing blue light, Shuttle has also given it that glow at the bottom of the unit for folks typing in the dark.