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Shuttle X50 AIO All-in-One review

The Shuttle X50 AIO - Dual-Core Atom Goodness

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Till All Are In One

Till All Are In One

Shuttle is more well known for their Small Form Factor (SFF) casings, so it's quite surprising to find them embarking on their first All-in-One (AIO) nettop. That said, their latest 15.6-inch Shuttle X50 AIO looks like a solid attempt for their first try, due mainly to a better choice of innards. That's right, unlike your standard Intel Atom based netbooks and entry level nettops which mostly pack a single core
Intel Atom processor, the Shuttle X50 opts for a more 'powerful' setup with a dual-core Intel Atom 330 processor.

This will give it a slight edge in the never-ending horsepower race against the normal netbooks and nettops that use the single core Atom chip like the ASUS Eee Top that we reviewed last year. We'll see how it does on our usual performance benchmarking page, but for now, we give you our picture walk through of the Shuttle X50 AIO nettop and specifications table for this lovely Shuttle machine before we examine it in further detail over the next few pages:-