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Shure SRH550DJ Professional Quality DJ Headphones review

Shure SRH550DJ Headphones - Flippin' Good

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Good representation of audio detail
Adjustable headband and replaceable padding
Portable and easy to carry
Treble could be better; dull highs
2m cable gets tangled easily
Appearance is average

Report Card and Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

From our testing we found the Shure SRH550DJ headphones to perform solidly across a variety of different applications. They shine when used for music and deliver good sound when tasked with handling movie and game scores.

Scoring Breakdown
Test Type Score
CD Testing 7.5
MP3 Testing 9.0
Movies (DVD) Testing 7.5
Game Testing 8.5
Overall Audio Performance  8.5

The standout quality for the headphones is their ability to reproduce every minute detail of our test tracks without making them sound jarring or separate from the overall mix. This makes Shure’s claims of “Professional Quality Headphones” accurate and justified. However the downside to this is low grade files have their flaws and inconsistencies highlighted. We would recommend tracks encoded in at a minimum of 320Kbps to be used if lossless formats are not available.

Flipping ear cups give the SRH550DJ a wow factor, although we did not find any particular use for them during our use. But the fact that they add to the portability of the headphones and allow you to stow them away in a compact little bundle was extremely useful, especially if you intend to carry your headphones with you in your bag.

Due to the extremely long 2m cable, usage at your desktop or notebook is easy and provides a degree of freedom. The same feature functions as a double edged sword because if you intend to wear the headphones out, then managing the cable in conjunction with your portable music player is a tricky and messy proposition.

A threaded 3.5mm input jack and removable padding allow for some customization and flexibility. The adjustable headband has been improved as compared to older models and you can expect a level of comfort with these headphones, even though you will have to fiddle with the settings. Overall though the features and the design work in harmony to provide great ease of use.

What is refreshing about the SRH550DJ Headphones is the honesty from Shure. The headphones do live up to the billing of "Professional DJ Quality" to the best of their ability. They perform admirably with music playback, especially when you take its price into consideration. While it's not an all-rounder, it's versatile enough to perform adequately when tasked with other usage.

Retailing for S$169, the SRH550DJ Headphones should be within budget for most audio enthusiasts. While there are a lot of in-ear or ear-bud headphones available in that price category, over-the-ear headphone lovers usually have to settle for the few decent options available. This offering from Shure however adds to the list. If you are looking for a decently priced pair of headphones that have a smooth and warm tone, the Shure SRH550DJ fits the bill nicely.