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Samsung X460 review

Samsung X460 - Black Beauty

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Back in Black

Back in Black

When asked if we wanted to review their latest and prettiest notebook, the X460, our first question to Samsung was if the product happened to be shiny and glossy. When they replied in the affirmative, our hands started inching towards the nearest cleaning cloth.

Of course, we were quite early in judging the notebook, but in this case, we weren't quite far off the mark as the notebook came clad halfway in gloss. By halfway, we mean just that. Like the Dell Adamo, the top half of the Samsung X460's exterior is glossy plastic, though the other half is clad in cool aluminum. We had hoped that the glossiness ended there and the rest of the notebook would follow the same cool feel, but this was sadly not the case. More on the interior as we inspect it more thoroughly on the next page.

With a mass of 1.84kg, this 14.1-inch Core 2 processor based notebook struck us as a decent weight to haul around for full fledged notebook functionality. However, the notebook did feel slightly more hefty than usual towards the rear which we attribute this mainly due to the weight of the battery. Other than this little oddity, the Samsung X460 definitely left us with a good first impression (minus the glossy finish). Then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder.