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Samsung X420 Notebook review

Samsung X420 Notebook - X and Why

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Overall rating 9/10
Sleek yet robust design
Extensive battery life
Odd touchpad keys placement

Xtreme Relations

Xtreme Relations

Would Samsung ever rest on their laurels? We guess not. The Koreans are known for their aggressive marketing campaigns and innovative attempts if only to keep their competitors on their toes. From 3D HDTVs to HD phones, they've done them all. In fact, there's a high chance they've kept their R&D laboratories ticking round the clock to make this a reality as well.

But funky televisions or swanky phones aren't their only priorities. More recently, Samsung has returned to the notebook space with a mixture of netbooks and laptops to entice road warriors here. Everyone wants in on a piece of the action, so why not Samsung? They've renewed their interest in personal computers with a handful of offerings, like their N-series of netbooks and R-series of mainstream notebooks. However, they've left it to their X-series to steal the show - a premium notebook range designed for portability, good looks and performance.

To add one more to the count, Samsung has fleshed out another 14-incher to augment their ranks of ultrathin notebooks. We've given you a glimpse of the X420's prototype a month ago. Now it's time to meet the real deal in the flesh. Comparatively, do note that the X420 is adorned with an Intel CULV-class SU7300 processor to improve its mobile dynamics, unlike the earlier prototype running on a single-core processor. Just for your information, the slightly bigger brother X460 model offers a full bodied Core 2 Duo P7450 workhorse.

Forget about Vista for the operating system since Samsung has gone with the newly hyped Windows 7 for their recent computing showpiece. Also, they've since replaced the X460's sharper looks with softer curves on the X420. Oh, did we mention that it's also devilishly slim at 23.2mm thin? Here are some pictures for you Apple fanboys to think about before we hit the review proper.