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Samsung ST550 review

Samsung ST550 - Double Delight

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A Twosome Affair

Samsung has been known for its aggressive and focused strategy in the consumer electronics region. Encompassing an impressive portfolio that includes mobile phones, TVs and displays, it also includes the relatively recent digital imaging group that has rolled out a series of digital compact cameras in the past two years. But facing stiff competition from the big names such as Nikon, Canon and Panasonic, the Korean chaebol had its work cut out for it.

Rather than pitting itself head on against the established names, Samsung chose to adopt a more ingenious route. By harnessing its strength in variety, their recently launched compact lineup banks heavily on the trends of the times. Out of this initiative, we see the unveiling of the Samsung ST550, the world's first dual-LCD screen digital compact camera. While sounding superficial at first, we share with you the practicality of such a design in the following pages.