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Samsung Series 9 NP900X3A Laptop review

Samsung Series 9 900X3A - A Deadly Assault on Your Senses

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Good Design
Durable and lightweight
Premium finishing
Very expensive
Specs not as strong as competition

Killer Looks

Killer Looks

Open the very sleek and sexy (yes as long as they are slim with curves, they are sleek and sexy) Series 9 up, and you will be greeted with even more black. The palm rest itself is covered with the same material as the lid, but unlike the MacBook Air, the edges are curved so that the metal wouldn’t cut into your skin too much causing discomfort. Brownie points for Samsung's consideration of consumer well-being there.

The beautiful matte black chiclet keys however are sitting on a kind of piano black plastic material, which surprisingly didn’t introduce much flex to the slightly recessed keyboard, allowing it to be fairly robust. The keys themselves are quite shallow, but have good bounce for that important tactile feel while typing. They are also back-lit, so that typing in the dark will not be a problem either.

The screen is also surrounded by a glossy black bezel, and trust us when we say it is not fingerprint friendly. So if you have an aversion towards ugly fingerprints, you’d do well to keep your fingers well away from the screen. Basically the same advice we would give when dealing with any notebook.

And surprise, surprise! There is a matte (1366x768 pixels resolution, anti-glare) screen on this little beauty. We haven’t seen a matte screen on a consumer machine since... a long time ago, and we think it is a refreshing change (that is also easy on the eyes). The 400 nits LED lit screen on the Series 9 is also extremely bright, good for when working under the afternoon sun (we don’t want to know why though). But when working in a dark room, be sure to turn it a couple of notches down, otherwise you’d be semi-blind within an hour.

You can also rejoice for the very large trackpad (another feature we’ve seen before elsewhere) on the Samsung Series 9. This is by far the most functional feature that Samsung has implemented for its customers. Like the machine the Series 9 draws inspiration from, the trackpad is a large single piece, but it feels like plastic instead of glass. It is completely clickable, and there are no visible boundaries that separate the left-right buttons or the scrolling area. One of the downsides of having such a large trackpad however, is the unconscious interaction between the ball of your palm and trackpad. While there's no dedicated key to switch off the trackpad, that option is still available as part of a function key.