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Samsung RF510 review

Samsung RF510 - A Fleeting Workhorse

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Overall rating 7.5/10
Decent Performance
Spacious & Responsive Touchpad
Excellent Keyboard
Poor Battery Life
Expensive For Its Class

Under The Hood

Prettier On The Inside

Not every Joe or Jill fancies a glossy top, but we can assure you the RF510's insides are much more attractive, if not respectable. Its interior is fashioned in a two-toned scheme; mainly silver behind the keys and brushed-metal grey on the wrist rest. Samsung has championed an island keyboard layout since its first slew of notebooks, and we were glad it has retained that same formula on the RF510. The keys provide a firm, but not overly stiff tactile feedback. If you favor chiclet designs such as those found on the Sony VAIOs and Apple MacBooks, then this laptop is for you. Instead of the usual WiFi slider-switch found on most notebooks, Samsung has installed a button for that same purpose above the keyboard along with a set of volume control keys.  

A pair of 3-watt speakers flank the upper areas of the notebook's base. Volume is substantial, but sound quality is a tad scratchy on the whole. Its LED-backlit screen is capable of clear and vibrant images, but its highly reflective surface and poor viewing angles failed to win our approval. Native resolution is fixed at a widescreen aspect of 1366 x 768 pixels, which is ideal for playback of 720p files.

Aligned slightly to the left on the base is the 90 by 55 mm touchpad. Powered by ELAN, a Taiwanese firm better known for their touch-sensitive products, the RF510's trackpad is wonderfully spacious and comes with a lovely matte surface perfect for finger work. The multi-touch pad also allows for pinch-and-zoom as well as 3-finger swipes. Furthermore, we tend to favor the trackpad's keys which offer a soft and relatively quiet travel.