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Samsung RF510 review

Samsung RF510 - A Fleeting Workhorse

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Overall rating 7.5/10
Decent Performance
Spacious & Responsive Touchpad
Excellent Keyboard
Poor Battery Life
Expensive For Its Class

Simply Dark

Stylishly Simple But Amply Endowed 

Gazing at the RF510, we experienced an unexpected sense of dejavu since it reminds us somewhat of the LG R590 we've reviewed recently. At first sight, Samsung's RF510 might appear to wear an unassuming and glossy lid. But on closer inspection, however, a subtle black radial pattern becomes visible in the middle of the notebook's shell. If fingerprint magnets aren't your thing, you might want to cast your cross-hairs on the Dell XPS 15 instead which sports a matte metallic cover. The RF510's lid exhibits little flex, meaning it can take a decent amount of stress handling. Like its predecessors, Samsung's signature silver logo is placed at the side, as opposed to central placements typical of notebook brands such as HP and Acer.

As a business or multimedia machine, the RF510 offers more than the average horde with a total of four USB ports and a single HDMI connection. The dual-layer optical drive can be found on the notebook's right, along with two USB 3.0 ports characterized by blue plastic 'strips'.  Theoretically, transfer speed for the new USB iteration is approximately ten times faster than USB 2.0. On the flip side, users of the ExpressCard slot will not find any on the RF510. Noticeably, the laptop's side profile is nowhere as skinny as Samsung's upcoming "9 Series". Its 37mm girth is slim enough to fit into your notebook bag, but thankfully, not fat enough to embarrass you. Also noted was a front-facing SD card slot which makes it easy for quick access. The remaining IO ports are aligned on the left, such as the Ethernet, HDMI and audio jacks. Packing a solid heft, the RF510 tips the scales at 2.6kg although we would appreciate the machine a little more if it was a few hundred grams lighter.